From the Runway to The Airways

About Fashion, Beauty, and Style Radio

Do you love learning about fashion? Are you already excited about the next MTV music awards show so you can see what your favorite music artists are wearing on the red carpet? If so, you are going to love Fashion, Beauty, and Style Radio! This website is all about...

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Why You’ll Love Mineral Makeup

The days when there was only a few makeup choices are long behind us. Instead of just using makeup to hide a few flaws, you can also use makeup that will improve the overall health and condition of your skin. The next time you go shopping for new cosmetics,...

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Fashion And Beauty Says You Are 6 Times More Likely to Quit With Help From Ecigs

As a former smoker I can attest to the fact that smoking is the worst habit ever and the hardest habit to stop. I was never fully aware of the power of nicotine until I tried to abandon it. That moment I realized what an addict might feel like....

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Fashion Tips For Today’s Woman

One huge fashion tip I will share with you is to choose your own style regardless of what is currently popular. I am a huge lover of a store that goes by the name of GoodWill. I am sure you have heard of it! I don’t care if the...

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A Man’s Guide To Fashion And Beauty

Let me start off by sharing who I am. My name is Mark and I am a man. I am not a frilly guy or even a “metrosexual”. I am a man’s man. I like to hunt. I like to shoot things. I like watching bloody movies and I...

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3 Fashion Tips for Men

As a man I am not always the best source of information for fashion. I have made the classic mistake of wearing socks and sandals. I have work white after Labor Day. I am not always a great fashion example. However I have been married for nearly 11 years...

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My New Tobacco-Free Life

About a month ago I was able to give up smoking tobacco! I know, it’s crazy to think that I have tried for the last 30 years to stop smoking and have been unable to do so, until now! The makers of electronic cigarettes knew what they were doing...

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Popular Trends that Music Created

When most people think about music, their thoughts automatically go to a song that triggers a specific moment or sends a powerful emotion sweeping through them. There are some people who can’t think about music without also thinking about fashion. Musicians have inspired several of the most famous fashion...

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Music Helps the Fashion World

Without the music industry, the fashion world would be very different. The two industries are intertwined. Most people assume that all fashion takes place on the runway. While designers put a great deal of emphasis on fashion shows, the number of people who attend these events is very limited....

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Why Musicians Love Fashion

The music industry and the fashion industry have always enjoyed a close relationship, but over the past decade, it’s been difficult to tell where one industry ends and the other begins. They’re bound in so many different ways. Fashion Helps Musicians Stand Out Talent can only take a singer...

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The Frontman for Maroon 5 Enters the Fashion World

Adam Levine has been leading a pretty good life. He fronts, pop band Maroon 5 which has already enjoyed a good run of success that shows no sign of stopping, he gained additional notoriety as one of the judges on The Voice, and he recently announced his engagement to...

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The Music of the ‘60’s Changed the Way the World Thought and Dressed

The sixties brought about a lot of changes in the world. Music was responsible for many of those changes. It was during that decade that many of the history’s most popular musicians, including the Beatles and Elvis. Not only did the musicians of the ‘60’s introduce the world to...

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